Treatment Specials

It’s that time of year again to prepare for winter’s cold and flu season.  Dr. Sica recommends obtaining this winter survival kit so you have  it on hand to prevent you or your family from getting sick.


Winter Survival Kit:

Mucococcinum: To prevent the flu, start 1 tablet every other week in October and take through April.  Regular price is $25.25

Oscillococcinum: If getting flu-like symptoms, 1 tube 3 times a day immediately for a faster recovery.  Regular price is $18.50

Vitamin D3-5: Optimal levels support immune function and prevent infections. Make sure you take your recommended dose throughout the winter season.  Regular price $17.25 (available in small size as well)

ProBoost: Immune support at the first sign of an infection, use 1-3 packets daily, as often as every four hours.  Regular price $73.50

Olive Leaf Extract: Natural antibiotic, take eight capsules daily.  Regular price $33.00


Total Retail Cost: $178.14

Winter Survival Kit Discount: $144.64*

Total Savings: $33.50


*Orders shipped out of state, omit $10.64 sales tax

Shipping fee applies based on location

Receive 15% off if you obtain above items individually OR

a total of 20% savings if you obtain the entire winter survival kit.