Treatment Programs




Digestive Health Program

Digestion is fundamental to optimal health. Our sophisticated testing methods allow us to correct the real causes for these symptoms and therefore eliminate the need for palliative medications.

IV Therapy: Nutrition & Chelation

IV nutritional protocols facilitate the rapid replenishment of nutrient deficiencies and provide highly effective therapeutic interventions for a variety of chronic diseases.

Women's Health & Breast Thermography

At the Center, we approach Women's Health in a truly preventive manner. By using sensitive, state of the art testing methods, such as breast thermography, bone resorption assay, and the latest in hormone testing, we can detect imbalances that can lead to disease.

Environmental Allergy Relief Program

Our unique approach to allergy and chemical sensitivity utilizes a sensitive, non-invasive method of identifying offending allergens while naturally controlling allergy symptoms and eliminating allergies without the need for prescription medications.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement & Balancing

As we age, hormone levels decline for both men and women to less optimal levels. Anti-aging fundamental principles to improving quality of life and increasing longevity includes optimizing and balancing hormone levels.

The Integrated Medical Weight Loss Solution

Our individualized medical weight management system does what no other weight loss program can. We identify and correct areas of weight loss resistance that are blocking successful achievement of ideal body weight.