Protect Healthcare Freedom

Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA)  for Health Freedom

Protecting the Right of Practitioners to Practice and Consumers to Choose

The Issue

Consumers and practitioners are burdened with terrible laws, both at the state and federal level which limits consumers’ choices (in matters of) health care and prohibits practitioners from practicing in ways that may be more beneficial to patients.

For practitioners the issue is two-fold: On one hand, licensed practitioners are held to “community standards of care” by state licensure boards. The boards often investigate practitioners because they are offering chelation, alternative treatments for conditions like Cancer, Lyme, Autism, or Chemical Sensitivity or because they are offering alternatives to drugs and surgery. These investigations are usually not a result of patient harm or even patient complaint, but rather are often initiated by other licensed practitioners or employees of the boards who are acting as the “thought police” as it pertains to medical care. On the other hand, there are hundreds of health-related occupations that are not licensed in most states, such as nutrition counselors, naturopaths and herbalists. These people are often prosecuted criminally for unlicensed practice. The investigations into their activities are also generally instigated by licensed practitioners and employees of the licensure boards, rather than patient complaints or evidence of harm.

This activity makes life extremely difficult for consumers. It can be difficult to find practitioners, since many of them do not want to draw unwelcome attention to themselves. Many consumers have lost their health care practitioner due to investigations and prosecutions, again not because anyone was harmed, but because the licensure boards have very strict guidelines about what they believe should be (is and is not) permitted.

Additionally, overreaching government agencies, combined with increasingly onerous laws, threaten the availability of many products, including dietary supplements.

Historically, practitioners have had to shoulder the burden of defending themselves when they are investigated. The cost is enormous – ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is some cases it can cost over one million dollars. And in spite of spending a lot of money, many of them lose their rights to practice or their practices are restricted in ways that deny consumers access to certain therapies.

The Plan for Change

The American Association for Health Freedom and The Health Frredom Foundation have decided that it is time to do something about these inequities and to devote its considerable resources entirely to the pursuit of health freedom for citizens, practitioners, and companies (involved in manufacturing products and supplements).

Our plans include the following:

  • Changing laws on both the state and federal levels that govern health care practice, and availability of treatments and products.
  • Where appropriate, filing lawsuits challenging the existing laws. The legal system has historically been used to successfully influence change in very positive ways. Society’s current attitude about tobacco and smoking is one very good example. There are numerous grounds upon which to base such health freedom lawsuits, including restraint of trade, lack of consumer access to treatment, and even wrongful death and racketeering.

In order to accomplish our goals, we will need to educate the public about these very important issues and to build a strong coalition of interested parties. The reality is that all people who live in this country have a stake in this issue. If we unite and make our voices heard, we will constitute the biggest special interest group in the U.S.

Actions To Take

We need your help in the following ways:

  • First, we need your financial commitment. This is a huge undertaking, but if every interested person makes even a modest commitment, we will have more financial resources at our disposal than the drug companies and medical associations have. Join AAHF/HFF by becoming a dues-paying member or make a tax-deductible donation.
  • Talk to everyone who you believe has a vested interest in this issue (practitioner offices, health food stores, etc.) Many people are unaware of the risks their healthcare practitioners take in order to provide services and take for granted that affordable dietary supplements and other products will always be available. We must educate people in order to get them involved.
  • If you are a healthcare practitioner, arrange for our representatives to speak to your patients/clients through live presentations or conference calls, and help us to participate in national health-related seminars and other events you attend. We can also send you flyers to help engage your patients.
  • If you own a health food store or other business that comes in contact with individuals interested in integrative medicine, please contact us to find ways that we can help spread the word.
  • Agree to write letters to elected officials, particularly to those who serve on committees making key decisions about our bills.

There are two reasons why the existing medical monopoly has been able to maintain its control over the practice of medicine: One, the companies and individuals who benefit from this system are extremely organized and, two, they have enormous financial resources. But there is also strength in numbers. Together, we can become just as organized and influential, if/when we make up our minds to do so.

We are asking you to join us in what will be the most aggressive and organized campaign to change the existing healthcare system and preserves consumers’ rights ever undertaken. Please become a member of AAHF, make your tax-deductible contribution to HFF, and commit to help us get this job done.