Attracting Abundant Health

Optimal health and wellness goes well beyond just the physical body. In order to truly live well, we must address the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and even financial beliefs that constrain our ability to heal.  We integrate a variety of techniques that aid and facilitate the healing process.

The Mind-Body connection: How what you think affects your health and your life.

One of the most difficult areas to talk about in your doctor’s visit is how your thoughts and beliefs affect how you feel and how well you respond to treatment.  Nevertheless, it is VITAL to your health that you believe that you can get better, that YOU can recover from what ever symptoms you are currently suffering from and experience vibrant health.

Every day, I hear patients come in and tell me how stressful their life is and attribute their symptoms to “stress”.  And they are right, in part.  I agree that “stress” affects health. It eats up a part of your energy reserves and limits your body’s ability to put that energy towards repair and healing. But what is “stress” and why does it show up in our lives?

Stress is our internal decision that what we are experiencing is bad, negative, unpleasant, or not wanted. Stress is what we feel when what we want is different than what shows up in our lives.  It is an “inside job.”  Stress is not the external circumstances.  We can choose how we want to feel in any moment, even in unpleasant circumstances. Indeed, it is the only way we can change our circumstances to what we do want.  I’m not just talking about the power of positive thinking, although that is part of it.

By choosing to be happy in the present moment, regardless of external events, you actually open the door for better circumstances to occur.  “Yeah, right!” you might say. But this is true. Many famous teachers, leaders, and philosophers over the centuries have pointed to this truth: reality reflects what you think and believe.  The universe will present you with that which you believe to be true.  (I use the word universe to avoid religious or denominational issues but you can substitute “God” if that is more meaningful to you.)

In my experience, the issues of greatest stress to most people are money (including job & career issues), health & weight issues, and relationship & communication issues.  In order to shift these issues to a state more pleasing to you, you have to change your belief system
about them.  It is one of the most frustrating experiences to me to hear someone professing a belief system that is blocking them from what they most want.  I recognize that, unless they change that belief, they will be unable to actually achieve what they want, whether it is recovering from an illness, losing the 40 pounds they want to be rid of, or being free from financial constraints that prevent them from getting the treatment they need or just living free of financial worries.  Even if we spent an entire office visit discussing the issue and how to change it, we would only scratch the surface.

Change requires a commitment of consistent time and effort on your part but the reward is more than worth it!

Because my desire is for you to live happily and healthily, it has inspired me to share this information with you. I have been studying the Law of Attraction for many years and have found a number of resources that have been very beneficial to reframing thought and belief to create a better life in many ways.  I am listing them below, not in the order I discovered them, but in the order of how effective they can be in changing your life. Each one provides tools that can be helpful to shifting your entrenched beliefs to thoughts that allow you to experience what you want, regardless of what your particular life stressors are. So pick one of the resources below and start on your journey to realizing the life you want to live!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): This simple technique, based on acupuncture points, can release and free you from traumatic experiences, stuck belief systems, negative thoughts and feelings that are locked in your nervous system. EFT can easily be learned
in a short period of time and you can use it anywhere, anytime you need it. It only takes a few moments. There are several excellent websites on this EFT. You can see a demonstration video at and download the free manual. However, in our experience, a much more user friendly basic EFT course is available at, created by Dr. Pat Carrington and Pace Educational Systems, called “Mastering EFT“.  Also available through Pace is “The Key to Successful Weight Loss: How to Conquer Emotional Overeating”, which we use in our Integrative Medical Weight Solution program, we use this CD on EFT to deal with emotional eating and stress related weight problems. Since obesity is a risk factor for a multitude of health problems, this is a crucial issue in optimizing health and preventing illness.   We’ll be glad to help you practice EFT!

Wealth Beyond Reason: Purposefully Activating the Laws of Physics to Generate the Wealth You Deserve and Utilizing the Law of Attraction for Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Everyday Living.  This program focuses on so much more than money; it will assist you in experiencing abundance in every area of your life. I recommend this the most because it is a program designed to take you through steps you need to take to really create change in your life. I personally read and used all of the other resources below as well as many others and still felt like I was missing something. One of the things I like best is that the wide variety of resources available through this program presents these ideas in different ways, because everyone may need different tools or examples for the material to “click” for them.  The investment in time and cost
is most reasonable for the benefits received.  To get more information or to enroll in the program, go to:

Paraliminal Meditations and other resources from Learning Strategies Corporations: The paraliminals CD meditations simply make you feel wonderful! Start with “Happy for No Reason”. You won’t regret it.

“Ask & It is Given” and “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Ester & Jerry Hicks. These books and other resources about the Law of Attraction are available at

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  Book, CD, and DVD available at

Present Memory: Imagination in Action.  By Melissa Zollo.

“Everything you need to expand your consciousness for spiritual, mental, emotional and financial growth is housed within you. 
It is a Spiritual Law that like causes (thought-seeds) always produce like results (harvests). As within, so without.”
 ~ Melissa Zollo