Welcome!!!  You’ve decided to explore a holistic and preventive approach to improving and maintaining your health. By coming to the Center for the Healing Arts, you are embarking on an adventure in optimizing wellness and self-discovery.

Conventional (also called allopathic) medicine only focuses on treating only one problem at a time or simply treating the symptoms.  It works well for acute problems, as a form of crisis intervention; an emergency room’s response to trauma is a good example of allopathic medicine at its best.  However, most chronic illnesses are multi-factorial, meaning that our body’s ability to cope with multiple demands has been compromised.  Something may begin to break down or our bodies may respond in a mal-adaptive way.  This is called “disease”.  While the allopathic approach often focuses on eliminating the symptoms of the disease, this approach seldom identifies the underlying causes, corrects imbalances, or prevents recurrences.

Illness develops when the amount of stressors on your system exceeds the threshold of your ability to cope with them.  Your reserve may be lowered by deficiencies of hormones, vitamins, minerals or other nutrients.  Stressors include any mental, emotional, physical, and social event requiring energy output for your system to cope with it.   Examples such as environmental stressors, infection, chemical toxicity, allergy, weather, pollution, addiction, poor diet, financial, or work-related stress are possible factors in the development of disease.  Our aim is to look at you as a whole person and develop an integrated, individualized treatment plan to lower the stress load while raising and optimizing the threshold. This results in relief of symptoms, restoration of health and well-being, and prevention of potential illness by building a greater reserve. This is the essence of the holistic approach.

We hope it is obvious to you that we are not the “usual” doctor’s office.  Unlike any doctor’s office you have been to in the past, this experience requires your participation.  You are in charge of your plan for health, with the assistance and guidance of the health care professionals at our Center.  Our goal is to educate you about your choices, offer natural and less invasive alternatives, and help you decide what avenues are best suited to you and your needs.  We urge you to sit down and take some quiet time to think about and answer the question, “What are my health goals?”  While this may take some time and effort, a true healing process requires an investment on your part.  This time and energy is well invested in your health and will yield many benefits.

At the Center for the Healing Arts, we believe that being well or being ill depends on the interplay of who we are and what we eat, drink, breathe, think and feel.  We are both physical and spiritual beings. Our health improves as we recognize and integrate all aspects of ourselves.  Increasing our awareness and choices about our health allows us to find a path to healing and growth.  Active listening and support fosters a healing environment for this process to take place.  We want you to feel that you are in the right place at our center: that you belong to our healing circle.